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1. View the various products that you are interested in.

2. Once you are ready to place your, download the Order Form that can be found on the top of your screen

3. Fill in the Order Form and send it to us via Whatsapp or Email.

4. We will reply within 1 hour from placing your order.

* Cut off times for next day deliveries and amendments of orders will be at 6pm.

Order placed.png

Understanding the order form

Figures in table is for reference purposes only. Refer to Order Form for correct values and details.

3 Variations for Packing 

1.5kg + 



- Estimated product packing weight is in excess of indicated amount shown.

- Estimated product packing weight is between the indicated amount shown.

- Product packing weight is as shown, but might have a slight variation upon receipt of product.

(Please note Boerewors is the only product on the list that is purchased as per pack and not per/kg)

Price per KG (HKD)

Price per KG multiplied by the Packing weight.


Please fill in by using multiples of 1, which would mean the number in the amount column is the amount of orders for that specific product.

Price of Order

Amount x Price/KG HKD x Packing = Price of Order


*Please note that exact weight will only available upon delivery of item.

**Please note images are for reference only)



5. Orders will be delivered on the following days.
Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.
(Depending on location)

6. For next day delivery, orders need to be placed on Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. 

* Cut off times for next day deliveries and amendments of orders will be at 6pm.

** All orders to be a Min. of HK$600

- All Hong Kong Island orders delivery fee is HK$100.

- All Kowloon orders delivery fee is HK$70.
- All New Territory orders delivery fee is HK$50.

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